We care

HANDYMAN respects ISO 26000

For HANDYMAN CSR is of key importance. Without it we could not exist in today's market, nor could we reach our business goals. We care about the positive values of our property.

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Marek Pacocha
HANDYMAN is the right direction for companies, institutions and private owners.

Thanks to the long-term experience and versatile abilities (what you can see in fasts which we are putting for a few years), boldly we can announce that our preventive action is keeping the immobility in good of "condition" technical. In short real estates provided with our permanent care, it is possible to say is supposed to act.

According to the old Chinese legend... "a long time ago in China people paid to the doctor regularly (every month), and doctors kept the society in the health. When however somebody fell ill stopped paying, and doctor in order to earn had to restore the patient to health." - this idea is for us immediate, we are acting in accordance with this wisdom for the real estate.

The company is proud to combine quality and reliability with a reasonable pricing. We place our clients expectations as a priority and we care about our customer service. That is why our workers keep highest standards at every stage of the project.

According to a British audit company (UCE™) in the years 2011-2012 our clients managed to save no less than several hundred thousand PLN due to HANDYMAN's support.