HANDYMAN's Code of Conduct

Our code points to the most important guidelines used by HANDYMAN in a present business activity – in particular those used towards the company's stakeholders. HANDYMAN cares about:

Human rights

HANDYMAN ensures that all employees are equally treated regardless of their skin color, ethnicity, nationality, sex, religion, age, sexual preferences or physical disability.

Mutual regard and respecting others is one of our most important values.

Work related policy

HANDYMAN respects the guidelines provided by the Labour Code. Our employees have the right to organize unions. We refuse employing underage workers and object to discriminating in the area of employment or freelancing.

We do not use forced work power, slavery or any other imposed form of work. Our employees and partners are granted freedom of movement.

Working standards and conditions are of absolute importance to our company. And so is the is the social protection and health and safety at work.

We are taking necessary actions to increase the level of social state of our workers and precautions to prevent them from work related decrease in health. To do so we treat the mentioned precautions according to physical and mental needs of our staff.

We ensure that our workers have vast possibilities of developing their skills and attend to additional trainings to support their present and future career decisions.

We definitely object to any form of mobbing and harassment.

Environment and its resources.

By introducing standards of careful use of natural resources, both in our present business activity and during the field work at client's, we were able to limit the unnecessary expenditure of the said materials and energy.

We are conscious of our ecological responsibility, which we also promote among our partners.

Fair practice

HANDYMAN practices fair attitude towards competition. With the help of clear internal procedures and mechanisms we are able to avoid engaging in any behavior restricting free market competition.

We do not participate in any actions clearly leading to sharing a market and illegal price setting (discounts and selling conditions included). We also avoid taking part in off the record information exchange (of possible use in future offers).

HANDYMAN definitely objects to any form of corruption or bribery. Our employees of every level are trained to become aware of such practices and – if necessary – of ways to prevent them.

We consider our stakeholders' points of interest and we give our answers as fast and reliably as possible.

HANDYMAN's present activity is directed in such a way that every (even the tiniest) project requires from our employees, partners, suppliers and middlemen to perform according to the guidelines of this Code.

All rights of ownership are strictly respected.

Consumer issues

We respect the right to amends for any harm or loss that our client could have suffered due to our worker's insufficient precision and neatness.

Every complaint is dealt with on an individual basis with a due care and accordance to terms and reliability, with a priority to arbitration.

Our marketing is transparent and it promotes our services in a true and objective way.

HANDYMAN's present and future clients have full ease to compare our offer with those of our competition (including: prices, outside offers, service range, competence, etc). We are ensuring that our clients have a chance to make the best objective choice.

During our works we ensure that our clients' health and life would not be harmed in any way due to carelessness or practice mistakes.

Social commitment

As far as it is within our powers we try to consult all the matters that could be affected by our actions and considering social and economical well being of the area.

We are sharing our knowledge and experience whenever the reasonable situation occurs.

Our company considers it to be of extreme importance to include the standards of social responsibility – particularly when decisions and actions might affect local society's future development.

If such possibility appears HANDYMAN initiates actions serving the local societies.

This Code becomes valid on 01.03.2013